Svenska Chic

Coco, being half Swedish and having been raised there, has always had an affinity with Scandinavian style. Characterised by clean lines and simple silhouettes with a tongue-in-cheek flare, Swedish style represents a whole new attitude towards clothing that Coco appreciates.

Kaska Porczyk Mandarin Oriental Coco&Co LdnPhotos Kaska Porczyk

In an era when Gabrielle Chanel was working on her fledgling label, Busnel had already identified a vacancy in fashion which could be filled with high quality wool – notably, the fisherman’s sweater. This sweater became a trademark for the brand, and still crops up now among contemporary designers seeking to include it in their collections as a style-staple.

During the 1970s, the knitted Busnel jacket with golden anchor buttons became their signature. Busnel carved out its own ‘chic’ target audience, at a time when it was blasphemous to use the word outside of Chanel’s atelier. Indeed, Coco has teamed Busnel with Chanel Thigh Highs and the two work harmoniously as their philosophies on style are not dissimilar. Busnel has undoubtedly created a legion of loyal women dedicated to the cause of good style, and has provided them with the uniform to match – Coco is a proud lieutenant in this force of fashion.


Cardigan: Busnel  Polo top: Ralph Lauren  Skirt: Givenchy  Boots: Chanel


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