How many layers do you have?

Layers are all about what is underneath. They evoke a curiosity and showcase each element that you are wearing. While wearing one of the layers alone may be unremarkable, the mix, contrast and framing of each can transform the tones, textures and moods of the overall message. They act as a metaphor for what you wish to project on that day. Whether you’re softening a leather outfit with a fur element, or turning up the heat with some lace and silk, careful layering can provide you with an opportunity to modify your message by adding ingredients that reflect either your attitude or what your day has in store for you.

Coco&Co Ldn Kaska PorczykPhoto Kaska Porczyk

This is true of metaphorical layers in literature, and art-forms of other kinds, but fashion is the area in which you can display them visually in living technicolor 3D art.


Jacket: Day Birger Et Mikkelsen Skirt: Gucci Boots: Chanel Gloves: Burberry


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