Find your Chakra in Notting Hill

Cool Notting Hill, the rebellious and adventurous sibling in the Kensington family plays host to the celebrated Chakra restaurant, a place of pure passion for cuisine wrapped in a glossy film of glamour. A favourite for everyone from A-listers and MPs to discerning Indian food enthusiasts and recently, the Coco&Co team, Chakra has taken on an ambassadorial role – showcasing the art of Indian cuisine to everyone in search of a wonderful mix of fresh flavours and elegant spices.

Coco&Co Ldn Chakra Aleksandra Karpowicz 1

Coco, a regular at Chakra and good friends with owner Arjun Varma, describes the interiors as plush, serene, fresh and clean – a restaurant whose description matches this little rhyme is definitely worthy of being in Coco’s dinner diary. In fact, whenever Coco is in the mood for a Nobu-style environment, but Indian food, she heads straight to Chakra.

Coco&Co Ldn Chakra interiorImage courtesy of

Mindful that India itself is a country of regional variances, Chakra presents its customers with dishes that reflect a broad taste pallet but within a traditional ingredient range, with a large portion of the menu being based on the family recipes of the owner and the head chef, who are brothers.

Coco&Co Ldn Chakra Aleksandra Karpowicz 3

The food achieves lightness of flavour without bulkiness, and spice intensity without unnecessary heat. Coco tasted an array of fish, chargrilled prawn and chicken dishes with yam chaat, masala asparagus, saag paneer (an enormous range of vegetarian options are available here due to its Rajisthani influences), and the most delicious dessert assortment of mango kulfi with Indian ice cream.

Coco&Co Ldn Chakra Aleksandra Karpowicz 2Photos Aleksandra Karpowicz

Chakra restaurant also serves as a window shop for its namesake events organising company, Chakra Events, which like the mythic vedic teachings of India, until recently has existed on a word of mouth basis among London’s most successful Indian persons and families. They also have a strong reputation outside of the Indian community, providing excellent service and a high end finish fit for any theme or direction. They are the quintessential go-to caterer for the very high-end, and organise and literally cater for everything. It is undoubtedly one of the best five star Indian restaurants in London thanks to its philosophy of eastern excellence.


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