Coco’s Tribe and The New World

The trends for SS/15 consist of several colours, materials and artistic impressions, but most important: the ’70s are back and we are in for a F-E-S-T-I-V-E ride! Coco&Co fashion blog LondonPure white, pastels for spring, warm orange, peacock blue, teal, navy and psychedelic patterns were all colours and prints marching down the runway at NY fashion week earlier this year. Dries Van Noten, Anna Sui and Sonya Rykiel went all in for the bohemian look, and took us back to the Woodstock alluded to in our trend show editorial. Quoting Richie Havens, the legendary folk singer-songwriter, “Woodstock was both a peaceful protest and a global celebration”. These words are as relevant now as then, and truly defines today’s fashion era. It’s all about making a powerful, but quiet statement about who we are, what we believe and where we want to go.

Coco&Co fashion blog LondonSaint Laurent, honouring the magic of its founder, revealed what true psychedelic ’70s glam and western spirit really look like. Hedi Slimane revealed to us that there is in fact a Saint Laurent without Yves, which, we must confess, is something of a revelation to Coco&Co Ldn, but they had us at “sequined blazers and embellished suede”. The sharp hats and Parisian elements were of course an anchor for the whole collection, but this time incorporated in a beautiful, romantic and nostalgic story about cowboys vs indians – an era that lends itself well to playfulness and whimsy. Innocent and bold tribal ponchos met arrogant and sharp sheriff jackets. The collection eliminated all differences between people and showed us that the clothing speaks for itself regardless of your cultural background, ethnicity and wealth. No more pain, Slimane! Coco&Co fashion blog LondonCoco, fashion-forward comme toujours, takes the bohemian style beyond the expected with her own famous twist. Like a glamorous native princess, lost – but yet found, in the streets of Knightsbridge observing the new world through Dolce&Gabbana lenses. The Aztec cape from Vila is the ultimate show-stopper. Combined with a black top from Topshop, a fringed bag from Jerome Dreyfuss, a necklace from Evamay Jewels and a leather skirt from Maje she truly captures the essence of Saint Laurent’s new vision – the care-free frontier girl in search of art and vitality. THE tall boots (capital letters are highly applicable) from Stuart Weitzman gives the tribal-inspired look that ’70s glam factor. Coco&Co fashion blog LondonThe whole outfit is a celebration of femininity and eternal youth derived from the poetry of style, but the look’s greatness stems from the fact that it is almost impossible to grasp all the various elements in just one glance. Upon first glance, there is before you, a girl who has things to do and people to see, using the cap to focus her vision on what is important, provoking the question; “where does she come from?” It is like time and space dissolves, and you cannot decide for a sensible country or period, and by the time you have decided, she has disappeared into a Mount Street boutique. If you see this look on the street, all you will know is that you want to join the tribe of that strong, yet fragile person underneath the cap. Coco&Co fashion blog London

Photos: Marta Demartini

From my tribe I take nothing, I am the maker of my own fortune.

Stay bohemian chic!

Coco&Co Ldn


Sunglasses: Dolce&Gabbana  Cape: Vila  Top: Topshop  Bag: Jerome Dreyfuss  Necklace: Evamay Jewels  Skirt: Maje  Boots: Stuart Weitzman


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