Coco On-the-go with Paule Ka

When it comes to statement pieces, there is a destination deserving of Coco’s devotion. Paule Ka, with a UK-based flagship boutique on Mount Street, is a Parisian force majeure, bringing London an enviable concoction of the best of French chic with touches of bold Britishness that represents a truly playful synergy.

Coco@PauleKa-41Upon first impression, this outfit presents a first-class feminine silhouette, first established by the elegant piqué jacket, which is as modern and relevant as it is classically tailored and seemingly effortless. There is, however, a wealth of craftsmanship involved in achieving this off-duty, serene fit – not to be underestimated.  The clever panelling along with the expert choice in fabric and weave-type is key to the strength and versatility of the look, and the muted pastel colour allows these finer details to shine through for all to see.
Coco@PauleKa-13The look is highlighted by a sense of contrast with a leather cigarette pant, stepping away from the skin-tight trend that has, until now, reigned supreme. This piece offers a more relaxed alternative while maintaining the tailored, luxe theme of the whole look. The contrast between the cotton weave and the medium-shine on the black leather provides layers of texture which is an ever-important stylistic touch.
Coco@PauleKa-21-EditAccessorising Paule Ka’s ensembles is a pure delight, with so many pieces to bring a smile to every girl’s face. The cap in raffia canvas, is a relaxed and stylish option that compliments the piqué flawlessly and adds a touch of the ‘militaire’ with the brass chain and stitching detail when coupled with the leather pant. The visor detail, is Coco’s favourite aspect of this piece as it serves as both a forward-thinking fashion statement and provocative talking-point. The sporty leather and neoprene trainers add yet more stylistic depth and variety in texture, and, paired with the pebbled leather bag, it maintains the on-the-go edge that a modern city-girl like Coco requires. Coco@PauleKa-7

Photos: Marta Demartini

Above all, this Paule Ka ensemble has a wonderful way of making serious style-statements with light-hearted voice. This is thanks to the level of consideration that this celebrated designer pays to the needs of the woman for whom these pieces are created. This iconic woman and all aspects of her life are never overlooked.

Coco&Co Ldn



  1. mhyg12

    I do like the styling. To me, it ‘s like the brand is reborn!. It used to be conservative and ladilyke bordering the overly classic… There is something fresh and sophisticated about this outfit which makes me want to stop by Paule Ka with a fresh eye.

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